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Prompt Week #1: Space!

space 2 - Earth

Today's prompt is Space!


Pictures come from here and here.

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How can you participate? Just respond to this post with any of the following:

-Links to your fic/art if posted elsewhere
-Recs to existing works that fit the prompt
-Round Robin fic - this is when people take turns contributing to a fic

If there's something else you want to respond with that we haven't thought of, drop a line to the first comment here or email the mods at genteensybang[at]yahoo[dot]com.

Since responses are in comments, you can participate any time, not just this week. And as with anon memes, don't feel like something has to be finished before you comment; if you're inspired to start a fic today but won't be able to come back to it for a few weeks, feel free!

Please note, you do not have to be participating in the teensybang as a writer or artist in order to participate here. We would love to see everyone's creativity!

The only rules are about content and are the same (writers, artists) as for the teensybang; responses must focus on Ruby 2.0 or Genevieve, obviously, and they may not feature real life underage persons, including her sons, etc. Please see the links for more information.

When you comment, please include in the subject line the pairing and any warnings/kinks. If you start a Round Robin, make sure to say so in the subject line so that other people know they can jump in. Do not contribute to someone else's fill if it does not say Round Robin.

Lastly, feedback is love! :)

Each day we'll have a few more specific ideas to help get the creative juices flowing:

-Gen stars in a coffee shop AU in space!
-Ruby makes first contact with aliens on earth!
-Gen is the new half-human, half-Vulcan science officer on the Enterprise, trying to reconcile her conflicting heritages and adjust to her new captain, the infuriating and brash Misha Collins
-Ruby is an Alliance spy, sent to pose as a companion and infiltrate Serenity to learn all of the infamous Captain Winchester’s secrets

But again, the point of the daily prompt subject is flexibility, so interpret Space! however you want. Boldly go where no Gen/Ruby has gone before!
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Teensy Bang Drafts Due!

art by ghostyouknow27; leave feedback in the comments!

Congratulations! You've finished your teensy bang! The hard part is over! You only have to send it in!

How do you submit your draft? Email the mods at genteensybang [AT] yahoo [DOT] com with the subject line Writer's Draft.

For the mods to accept your submission, your draft must ...
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2014 Artist Sign-Ups!

This amazing Ruby is brought to you by scarletscarlet; please leave feedback in the comments!

You've read the rules and deadlines? And the FAQ? And you love Gen and/or Ruby 2 and are totally psyched to make pretty things featuring her amazing face?

Well, then were are happy to have you onboard for The 2014 Genevieve/Ruby 2 Teensy Bang!

To sign up, copy and paste the following form into a comment on this here entry. If you're uncomfortable leaving your email address in a public post, you are welcome to email the form to the mods at genteensybang@yahoo.com. Also, remember to join and watch this comm, or you'll have a hard time seeing the claims post on Saturday, February 22nd! Requests are moderated, but we will approve your membership as soon as we can. You can also follow us on tumblr or check out our support post.

The deadline to sign up is Friday, February 21st

If you'd like to promote the comm, please copy and paste the code for the pretties under the cut! Friends don't let friends miss their chance to participate in the teensiest bang! 

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2014 Writer Sign-Ups!

Happy New Year!

writer signup small-1
The gorgeous art is by sagetan. Leave feedback in the comments!

You've read the rules and deadlines? And the FAQ? And you love Gen and/or Ruby 2 and are totally psyched to write 5,000 words of awesome fic?

Well, then were are happy to have you onboard for The 2014 Genevieve/Ruby 2 Teensy Bang!

To sign up, copy and paste the following form into a comment on this here entry. If you're uncomfortable leaving your email address in a public post, you are welcome to email the form to the mods at genteensybang@yahoo.com. Also, remember to join and watch this comm (watch, because we're going to try and have some fun stuff sprinkled throughout until April)! Requests are moderated, but we will approve your membership as soon as we can.

Looking for inspiration? Head on over to our prompt post

The deadline to sign up is Tuesday, January 21st

If you'd like to promote the comm, snag one of the pretties! Friends don't let your friends miss their chance to write for the teensiest bang!

image by scarletscarlet

image by ghostyouknow27
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Got prompts?

Do you have an awesome plot bunny you want to share? Are you looking for inspiration? This is the post for you!

-Were-chinchilla and NYPD detective Gen Cortese infiltrates the home of suspected eco-terrorist and known exotic animal lover Misha!
-S4!Ruby travels forward in time to S9 and learns what the future holds!
-Gen deals with Alaina, the not-so-friendly-but-super-attractive ghost in her recently inherited haunted mansion!
Anything (almost) goes!

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Round 2: Housekeeping & Scheduling Changes

Hello, everyone! As this comm’s very excellent founder announced a few days ago, there will be a Round 2 of the Genevieve/Ruby 2.0 teensybang! I’ll be taking over the modding duties using the same teensymod name, and I’d like to say a big thank you to our founder for all her help and support, as well as to last year’s other modding contributors.

The same rules as last year will apply this round. Changes to items such as the Open Posting Week are TBD based on feedback received for the first round (if you didn’t have feedback in May but have since thought of something to say, please feel free to still comment!).

The main change to be aware of is that the schedule is changing.

Last year posting began on Wednesday, May 1st. This year posting will begin two weeks earlier in April.

This is for two reasons: (1) The feedback we received included a suggestion to make the posting date earlier because of how our schedule overlapped with the spn_j2_bigbang schedule. (2) I am not available for modding duties the first weekend of May. The other option is, of course, to make posting later in May, but I think that would be prohibitively inconvenient for our spn_j2_bigbang participants.

Here is the proposed 2014 schedule:

Writer Sign-ups Start: Wednesday, January 1st
Writer Sign-ups End: Tuesday, January 21st
Artist Sign-ups Begin Saturday, January 25th
Writer Check-in: Saturday, February 2nd
Writer Drafts Due: Sunday, February 16th
Artist Sign-ups End: Friday, February 21st
Artist Claims: Saturday, February 22nd
Pinch Hitter Sign-ups: Saturday, February 22nd
Deadline for Writers to Send a Complete Draft to their Artists: Saturday, March 1st
Artist Check-in: Saturday, March 15th
Artist Drafts Due: Saturday, March 29th
Posting Begins: Monday, April 14th

Depending on the number of sign-ups, posting would last approximately 5 days, same as last year (Note: For those who observe, Easter is Sunday, April 20th next year; if posting does extend into the weekend, we will work with your schedules to mitigate conflicts).

Compared to last year, the big difference is a decrease in the time allotted to write fic drafts. Last year writer drafts were due on March 2nd; this year they would be due two weeks earlier. The amount of time between Artist Claims and Artist Drafts Due is the same as last year.

What do you think of this proposed schedule? Is the shorter fic draft timeframe acceptable? The schedule is not set in stone, so if you have suggestions or concerns or if it works great, you’re just as happy to participate as you were last year, please let me know in the comments.

Firming up the schedule is the main item of business for now. During December I’ll be working on updating the site (e.g., updating the schedule and links in the sidebar), so please pardon any confusion if you can’t find information you’re looking for during the transition. If that happens, feel free to comment here, PM, or email genteensybang[at]yahoo{dot]com with questions.

Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone is as excited for a second round of Genevieve/Ruby 2.0 celebration as I am!
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Modly Reminders!

Artist check-in's on the 30th, with drafts due April 13th.

Also,  because we've had this question: Yes, you are welcome to turn in your draft early! Just email your draft to genteensybang [AT] yahoo [DOT] com (be sure to tell us your LJ user name somewhere in your email). The art doesn't have to be finished, but it should be far enough along that we can see that you'll be done by your posting date.